Loot Crate Unboxing – December 2015 – Galaxy

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Tweet Loot Crate Unboxing – December 2015 – Galaxy

A Disturbing Trend

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Tweet Every night I lay my head down to a pillow to close my eyes with no one there beside me. I wake up the next morning and there is no one there beside me. I am the twenty-nine year old single man in a Pentecostal Church. One after the other I have people ask when I’m going to settle …

A Civilizations Rise or Fall

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Tweet I heard someone recently make a statement about a man who researched civilizations and found something to be true in every one of them. I give the clarification that everything written here was not written by meat is. It was pulled from a couple of different sites throughout the internet. I encourage you to read wh wrote and let …

Who is Melchizedek

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Tweet Short Paper Written During My Time at IBC. Who is Melchizedek? There is a lot of speculation about who Melchizedek was. Some say he is just a man, others say he is a theophany. Some even say he is Shem, the son of Noah. As for me I’ve spent much time studying, trying to come up with a decision …